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Resources & Links

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Padling Tersar: Dagnag Lingpa Treasure Lineage (see

  • Guru Yoga Division

  • Dzogchen Tantras

  • Yidam Sadhanas

  • Other Resources



  • Free Awam Videos (hundreds of videos from Awam on YouTube)

  • 21 Tibetan Yogas (see accompanying text below)

  • Getting Acquainted with Tibetan Buddhism

  • Empowerments on YouTube: Online Highest Yoga Tantra (HYT) Empowerments from Garchen Rinpoche. I have been able to find online empowerments from HE Garchen Rinpoche on YouTube. Here are some that are Highest Yoga Tantra and appear to be one part each (but can be 4 hours or so). Click the desired link below. There are places you will be asked to recite phrases (do your best). Let me know if you have any questions! ...Yogi Khenpo Dean

    [These are considered to be inappropriate by many lamas as is does not enable the personal connection described in the texts, but neither do many in-person group empowerments. HH the Dalai Lama has also done some online empowerments and has said repeatedly that the time has come for us to be "21st Century Buddhists". With that guidance, we are making these accessible, especially for those otherwise unable to receive a HYT empowerment. Thank you for your consideration and compassion for ALL sentient beings.]


Texts (PDFs) - many used in our meditations and celebrations:


Sunday Meditation:

Wednesday Meditations:


Other Meditations and Practices


Sunday Dharma Talks - Notes (Notes are no longer being provided, videos are available on Facebook of Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute under "videos".)



Books on Aging and Dying

  • Tibetan Book of Living and Dying – Sogyal Rinpoche

  • Still Here – Ram Dass

  • Dying with Confidence – Anyen Rinpoche and Eileen Cohoon

  • Lessons from the Dying – Rodney Smith and Joseph Goldstein

  • The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace – HH the Dalai Lama and Donald Lopez

  • Being with Dying – Joan Halifax and Ira Byock

  • Death and the art of Dying in Tibetan Buddhism – Bokar Rinpoche

  • Advice on Dying – Dalai Lama and Jeffrey Hopkins

  • No Death, No Fear – Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Bardo: Interval of Possibility – Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

  • Unattended Sorrow - Stephen Levine

  • Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be - Lama Surya Das

  • When Things Fall Apart - Pema Chodron

Outdoor Meditation Link

Outdoor meditation is a great way to help find natural stillness and calm in your meditation. Check here for examples in the Tucson area.


Links to a Treasure Trove of other resources:

  • – a listing of basic information about Buddhist groups in the Tucson metro area

  • – A collection of translations by Eric Fry Miller, including many Dzogchen and dakini-related texts

  • – An updated version of the Berzin Archives

  • – The world’s largest education resource for Himalayan Art and iconography

  • – The official website of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  • – A comprehensive resource on Tibetan Buddhism

  • – Free Translations of Tibetan Buddhist Texts (in several languages)

  • – An online reading room with direct and interactive access to the teachings of the Buddha

  • - An archive of miscellaneous articles about Tibetan Buddhism from various sources on the Internet

  • – The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center - an archive preserving original Tibetan literature

  • – Vajra TV provides video, radio and text library of teachings on Tibetan Buddhism