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Free Videos

Newly Released and Previous Dharma Videos - Free!



Yogi Khenpo Drimed Dawa has released over 600 dharma talk and class videos on YouTube for free! Originally recorded for dharma talks and classes at Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute, these are now being released to the public for free. The videos are organized into playlists corresponding to a series of talks or a class as follows (descriptions are available here):


Dharma Talks:

  • “Bodhicitta” (1 video)

  • “The Three Statements of Garab Dorje” (3 videos)

  • “Tibetan Buddhist Preliminary Pracitces” (5 videos)

  • "An Overview of Buddhist Ethics" 

  • Commentary on the Awam Practice Manual

  • And more; see also, FB Live Videos below

The “Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism” playlists are from Innate Happiness: A Direct Guidance Manual for Householder Yogis and Yoginis by Khenpo Drimed Dawa, based primarily on practices from The Six Bardo Teachings of Padmasambhava reorganized into the stages of practice. They cover basics through Great Perfection (Dzogchen). For


• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 1 (10 videos)

• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 2 (11 videos)

• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 3 (13 videos)

• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 4 (17 videos)

• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 5 (11 videos)

• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 6 (10 videos)

• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 7 (13 videos)

• Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism – Part 8 (16 videos)


The remaining playlists cover a variety of topics from basics to advanced levels of practice and understanding. The playlists with an asterisk (*) require an empowerment for that practice, permission to study it from your lama, or at least a Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment.


• Mindfulness: Four Foundations of Mindfulness & Mindfulness with Breathing (9 Videos)

• Getting Acquainted with Tibetan Buddhism (8 videos)

• What Did Buddha Say? Part 1 (25 videos)

• What Did Buddha Say? Part 2 (20 videos)

• The 37 Bodhisattva Practices (8 videos)

• 100-Day Ngondro (Peliminary Practices) – Part 1 (11 videos)

• 100-Day Ngondro (Peliminary Practices) – Part 2 (12 videos)

• The Preliminary Practices (Ngondro) of the Padling Tersar Lineage (18 videos)

• The Tibetan Book of the Dead (17 videos)

• The Divine Feminine: Women in Tibetan Buddhism (9 videos)

• The 84 Mahasiddhas (16 videos)​

• The Three Statements of Garab Dorje (3 videos)

• White Lotus & Four Roots – The Dzogchen View, Padling Tersar collection (20 videos)

• Guhyagarbha Tantra – Part 1 (17 videos)*

• Guhyagarbha Tantra – Part 2 (22 videos)*

• Rigdzin Dupa – The Gathering of Vidyadharas (15 videos)*

• Vajrayogini (18 videos)*

• Kalachakra – Part 1 (20 videos)*

• Kalachakra – Part 2 (19 videos)*


Classes based on these videos are still available. The class option is best for more serious students and those who prefer some personal guidance. The difference here is that students study the relevant text(s) for each of the classes, do the practices twice each day, complete a journal (a daily record of (1) practices and experiences, (2) a summary of key points learned from study, (3) descriptions of application in daily life, and (4) questions they have about the study and practice) submitted to a teacher or mentor to help guide student learning (normally once each week). Classes are online with students proceeding at their own pace. The cost is based upon $10/class session. For example, the Essentials classes are 6 sessions each, and most other classes are 8 sessions each. Return to Take Classes for course descriptions and other details.


Videos alone are FREE, though we do appreciate donations to help support our expenses to maintain these videos. Go to Make a Donation. Thank you for your support.


(To go directly to the playlists, go to YouTube and search for “Khenpo Drimed Dawa”, then “videos” or “playlists”, view the lists and select “view full playlist” or “play all” (mouse over pix). The order shown on YouTube is out of our control, keep scrolling down to find what you are looking for). 

FB Live Videos


FB Live videos of Yogi Khenpo’s Sunday Dharma Talks are also accessible from our Facebook page under “videos”: FB now limits recordings to 30 days after recording.


May these talks, videos, and classes benefit you and all other beings!

Yogi Khenpo Drimed Dawa (Khenpo Dean)

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