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Welcome to the Tucson Buddhism Network


The Tucson Buddhism Network is a website devoted to the promotion of Buddhism in the Tucson Arizona metropolitan area. It is an activity of the Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute. Our intention is to provide a single website where people in and around Tucson can locate Buddhist centers or groups for study, practice or information about Buddhism. To locate a center, please click on the picture or name listed below (in alphabetical order). We recommend that you "refresh" your browser to ensure you are viewing the latest information.


During the past few years, a number of centers have closed. For current activities, please check websites or contact organizations of interest regarding current activities.


We encourage all Buddhist groups in the area to participate. Each center in the network is provided a single page on which to list contact and other information about the organization and current activities at no cost to the organization. To see the organization information requested, please click here. If you have questions, please contact us at


[Updated annually, unless we receive new information. If you are unable to locate a center, it is most likely because their website or other source has no current, local information. Last update May 2023.]

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