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Chua Phap Hoa - Dharma Flower Temple


Buddhist Tradition:  Mahayana Pureland Escoteric Tradition

Description:  Dharma Flower Temple of Tucson, Arizona, practices Buddha and mantra chanting. Under the guidance of our late Patriarch Venerable Thich Thien Tam and our Dharma Teacher Vernerable Thich Hai Quang, we aspire to gain rebirth in the Western Pureland. We welcome you to explore with us the profound wisdom of Buddhist Dharma through our periodic Philosophical Conversations with Buddhist Followers where Venerable Thich Hai Quang will answer many questions brought forth by fellow Buddhists and readers of our site. We look forward to many illuminating and exciting Dharma discourse with you.

Location:  1107 E 32nd St, Tucson AZ  85713

Phone:  520-445-7747



Current activities:  Please check our website for schedule

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