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Sky Island Zen


Buddhist Tradition:  An Everyday Zen Sangha

Description:   The mission of Sky Island Zen is to support your practice, whether this is your first time to sit or whether you have practiced for years. We welcome you. If you are new to zazen, please come.  Just do what others are doing, and we will be happy to talk to you afterwards to answer any questions you have. Our practice emphasizes how we can bring the Zen teachings into our everyday lives. Our Soto Zen lineage is through Everyday Zen (, founded by Zoketsu Norman Fischer). Our guiding teacher is Hoka Chris Fortin, our founding priest is Shozan Mary Koopman,  and our Tanto, or Head of Practice, is Marie Olson. All are welcome. Our purpose is to support your practice, whether you are a longtime practitioner or a newcomer.

Location:  Varies - see current activities below

Phone:  520-400-8928





Current Activities:  Please see website for changes or other events


Dharma Book Study Group (7500 N Calle Sin Envidia, Brookdale Community Center, Community Room, La Rosa Assisted Living Building:
  5:45 - Sitting meditation
  6:15 - Dharma book discussion (contact for current book)

Saturday - welcome for all or part (Little Chapel of All Nations (U of A); 1401 E 1st St.):

  8:15 - First sitting meditation period