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NEW Edition

Innate Happiness: A Buddhist Guidance Manual for Householder Yogis and Yoginis 

by Khenpo Drimed Dawa through AmazonSmile


Khenpo Drimed Dawa’s book on the complete path of Tibetan Buddhism for householders. Paperback and eBook versions are available.


Innate Happiness guides busy Westerners on the Buddhist path of liberation from “suffering” and “afflictive emotions” that obscure our Innate Happiness – our deep inner peace. Concise weekly meditation practices are based on the yogi tradition of Tibetan Buddhism as described by Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche, considered to be the Second Buddha by Tibetans. The book includes a brief history of Buddhism in India and Tibet, as well as its major principles. This is followed by clear, concise steps on the Paths of Individual Liberation, Altruism, Tantra, and the Great Perfection. Each path takes the reader through the Three Trainings: ethics, meditation, and wisdom. It provides a complete cycle of for study, contemplation, meditation and liberation, that are highly suitable for the busy lives of Westerners with little time for formal meditation. One advanced student called it “the best book on the practice of Tibetan Buddhism available!” May ALL beings be happy!

Profound Peace by Yogi Khenpo Drimed Dawa (Khenpo Dean)


"Profound Peace" is a concise summary of key principles and practices of Buddhism based on a quotation from the Buddha upon his Awakening under the Bodhi Tree: "Profound peace, natural simplicity, uncompounded luminosity, I have found the nectar-like dharma" (Lalitavistara Sutra, 25.3). Each part of this insightful statement is described and explained through the lens of a long-time Western scholar-teacher-practitioner, explaining the simplicity and beauty of this for Western yogis and yoginis. Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

A Yogi's Book of Notes - Thoughts about Buddhism and It's Practices by Yogi Khenpo Drimed Dawa (Khenpo Dean)


This book consists of notes that I sometimes jot down after my morning meditations, during contemplation. There are 8 small notebooks of notes included here. The order is rather random. But that is part of what these are about. Practice and progression are not always a straightforward, stepwise path. One of the key aspects has to do with definitions and meanings. I am not a translator. My interpretations are simply that. But that is part of what the process of contemplation is all about. These notes were originally for myself, my inner dialogue. May it be of interest (or amusement) to you.

100-Day Ngondro Cover.jpg

The 100-Day Ngondro Retreat:

Based on the Longchen Nyingtik and The Words of My Perfect Teacher 

by His Eminence Lopon Natsok Zugchen


The ngondro or preliminary practices of Vajrayana Buddhism help you set your intention and commitment to fully follow these teachings. There are several approaches that have been taught. The primary approach involves 500,000 repetitions with at least 100,000 prostrations and other supporting actions. This can be viewed as a massive undertaking by Western practitioners with jobs, families, etc. It can take several years to complete these, and we tend to be impatient!Some masters have given alternative instructions on how to complete these requirements, while still showing to the Lama your commitment and dedication in preparing for the more advanced practices. Among these instructions is doing a 100-day contemplative retreat. This is the practice described in this book, based on the Longchen Nyingtik. It is also a supporting commentary (“son” text) to the widely respected text, The Words of My Perfect Teacher by Patrul Rinpoche, which is cross referenced throughout the book. Here, specific contemplations are assigned each day, some being repeated for up to three days for a total of 100 days. It need not be done for full days, such as the traditional four sessions during each day format. But twice each day “as much as you can” is recommended. Repetition with frequent changes provides a strong psychological method of reinforcement, as well as sustaining interest over the complete 100 days. May this be of benefit to you and your practice.


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