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Prayer Requests

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We take Prayer Requests.  Please include the person's name and, if possible, a photo. We will recite prayers for you or anyone you designate, including pets or other beings:


  • White Tara or Medicine Buddha – for sickness, injury or surgery

  • Vajrasattva – prayer for purification

  • White Tara or Amitayus – long life prayers

  • Chenrezig or Green Tara – stressful or negative situations

  • Phowa – for a person or an animal who has recently died

  • Nei Dren – guiding the deceased to higher realms

  • Tibetan Book of the Dead – seven day version ($100) or full forty-nine day version (suggested donation $250)

  • Special Tsok (food) offerings

  • Puja Smoke offerings


Please email your request to FREE. Donations are appreciated. For suggested amounts or any other requests, please send an email to the address above.


To donate:



Bodhicitta the excellent and precious mind,

Where it is unborn, may it arise.

Where it is born, may it not decline

But ever increase, higher and higher.